Monday, February 2, 2009

Bonfire of the Vomities

So this weekend was all about being lazy and slumming it. I went to UCLA open studios with Paulie and Daniel and that was actually really nice, for me, because I am not an artist. All my artist friends were in various states of nervous breakdown, grumpiness, depression, and those aren't even the ones who go to UCLA. I on the other hand was like, "la, la, la, I love art! I love neon!" Skipping around and smiling. I think everyone wanted to murder me. Now they know how I feel when they try to ask me questions when I'm listening to a new album. STFU!
Anyhoo, the next night Sarah and I spent a ridiculous amount of time in my kitchen applying fake cholo/chola tattoos and making shank face. But obviously we failed miserably. We do look like stuck up bitches though, so hey. On a side note, Sarah is so beautiful it kills me.
Then on Sunday I had the most wonderful day with Cathy! We went to a clothing swap hosted by Christine, the most wonderful lady drummer from the Sharp Ease, at her most amazing house in Los Feliz. Now I could meet Angelina Jolie and not look twice, totally not give a shiz. But when I met Christine I got a all gooey and nervous inside. I mean, the Sharp Ease were seriously one of my favorite bands. I was living in NY when they broke up and it was very sad for me. I didn't get to go to their last show. But now were homies! Yay! Muchos gracias Cathy!
Anyhoo, then Cathy and I went to Mashti Malones where some gross rasta guy with dreads he started growing in like 1985 accidentally smacked Cathy in the face with a dreaded dread and we both almost vomed and had to leave the premises.
And lastly, I'm sorta scooping on this one -they posted it earlier- but my old friend Busy's band Telepathe just released a music video for their single So Fine and it's AMAZING!!!! We once sat on a cold park bench, with wet hair from the Turkish bath's, in freezing ass winter eating bread and cheese we had gotten at a ridiculously good price at the east village cheese shop, chattering and runny nosed, because our dedication to cheese was so strong. I love and miss Busy. Telepathe is the bomb. As if you didn't already know.

The Sharp Ease!