Wednesday, February 4, 2009

insomniac theatre

i went to wildness tonight. sanya djd. i just got home. i smell like tranny perfume and i cant sleep. my life is simultaneously lifting me to new heights and destroying my will to go on. school, plus work deadlines, is killing me. plus i ate a veggies burger earlier from oinkster and asked for grilled onions and i bit into it and disgusting raw smelly slimy onions were all up in it. i fucking hate raw onions and my mouth tastes like an armpit.
oh, but hit up the la weekly on thursday. im in it yooooooooooooooooooo. aight.

this is what i look like right now, smelly, and sweaty and all smeary. i danced foreva.
now if you'll excuse me im going to finish watching the decline of western civilization, the metal years, on youtube.
oh, this is my new favorite roxy music song, it changes like every couple of months.