Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daylight Breaks

Hallelujah! The sun has come out, Kate has returned from her epic three week literary journey and I made it through Valentines day completely unscathed and feeling much better about myself than I was on Valentines day last year click here to witness my Valentines break down of 08, i had just ended a relationship a week to the day and was writing my last LFNY. The word ended somehow insinuates that I had a hand in the ending. I'm sure u can use your imagination. It's okay though, I got into grad school a couple days later and shook it off- see spirit animal post. Not to get all Beyonce but it's fun being a single lady
Anyhow, Sascha was house sitting at this amazing place in Hancock Park and we had a great big awesome slumber party. Sarah, Katie, Cathy, Gaby, Jessica and I stayed up all night playing truth or dare- bad things were done to an ice cube and the song Touch Myself by the Divynals (sp). We read trashy magazines and ate until we wanted to puke and then passed out in various spots around the house like fat cats.
Then saturday day I spent fat catting it around with Marianne. Who is just so awesome and amazing and talented and funny and cool as shit. I wish we weren't so busy. Whenever I think about being happy and young, I think about being in the sun in the Eddie driving around USC and going into thrift stores with Marianne. We had Thai food at old Thai Elvis smoked cigs and then had an impromptu photo shoot.
And then last night was the reading. Which went splendidly, Kate did such an amazing job organizing it and everyone who read ruled super hardcore. I missed Kate. And then it was off to Dan Graham which was a total zoo. It was a little too crowded to be what I would call enjoyable, but it seemed like everyone I knew in the entire world was there and the spectacle nature of the thing was great. Plus Sonic Youth not playing as Sonic Youth played and that was pretty sweet. The barista just put on The Libertines, and hey shit, on a total side note, I forgot that in all his bafoonery, Pete Doherty is pretty fucking good. But that's neither here nor there. Au revoir!