Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life on the Other Side

So Kate and I took a vacation from the familiar and went to Emily Lacy's epic positive girl jam. We were encouraged to bring instruments. It was also streaming live from her page on the Machine Project website. It was so MUCH fuckin fun. I have such musician envy. That's probably why I like music. If I could make it I would. But I can't- believe me, I've tried-
We then got hypnotized. Literally!!! Like Maury Povich style, like I'm going to ring a bell and you are walking up a large green mountain... Kate and I fucking zoned out, we were like Alice n Wonderland when we walked out of that place. We were like, 'well, that was different.' Different as in AWESOME!
There is something oddly appropriate about Emily's music right now in this political climate. My grandfather died in 2006 but I wish he was here, he'd show me how to save tinfoil, roll cigs and he'd laugh at all of us, cook a pan of potatoes and take a walk in the sunshine.
AND make shit like this possible for lots of other girls thanks jessica!

Also, Paul got into graduate school! Yay, welcome to the club friend, it's expensive and soul crushing!