Monday, February 16, 2009

Jesus Christ Pose - accent on the 'J'-

So this might be a record for back to back blogs. The rain has returned threefold and brought its asshole friends the clouds. It did this to spite my happiness and levity at the sight of sun. Some people- like Shirley Manson perhaps- love the rain. Me, no. I already have enough mental illness to contend with. I don't need the moody aid of mother nature to help me get 'deep.' I can watch an episode of Top Chef and fall down the well. Anyway, I'm sitting in bed avoiding taking a shower because my heater broke and im wrapped in every sock and sweater and pair of silk panties from NY that I ever bought. Blarg, blasted rain!
Anyhoo, I thought to avoid showering, paying my bills, doing my taxes or renewing fafsa or sending my W9 to the LA Weekly so I can get paid, I'd blog.
I went to see the enchanted Katie and Emily perform last night at Machine Project. It was an anti Valentines affair of sad songs. It was actually so well done and Emily of course is brilliant and did my new favorite Led Zeppelin cover.
We then went over to Cathy's to sit around and be dumb, where Cathy showed off her amazing cat socks and then wondered aloud why she might be single Oh Cathy, your hilarity never ceases to make me want to pee with laughter. I joke though, thats twice in two blogs I used the word 'single' and it's got me feeling a little lamo. :/ This emoticon will fix it. She also showed off the origins of her erotic feelings toward snowmen. Sorry, that's in inside joke.
In any event, Emily Lacy is an amazing performer and artist. I first met her through Marianne a week after 9/11 when they were both students at USC, we went over to Emily's house and she showed off the most intense moving piece of video art I had seen at that point in my life, it was her sitting in a black room talking freely about the towers blowing up and how her mom had lost her job. I was really stoned and I remember being so captivated by it that it still is the dominant memory I have of her, even though we've known each other for some time now. You should check her out. Pure brillz.

Also, the one nice thing about the rain is I always bust the Soundgarden and just feed the beast. Screaming Life is currently torturing my cats and rightly so. Life can suck, yo.