Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Thursday night Kate and Sascha and I all went to see Gowns play at the Echo Curio and they were fucking awesome. Seriously, if you don't know about them, check it out. Also, Erika, the lead singer is my new favorite musician. She is a badass. Then Friday night I went out to Mtn. Bar, and it was pleasant but everyone seem stressed, zonked, or totally exhausted from all the CAA stuff going on this past weekend, so I bailed early and tried to write some of my lonely novel which waits each day patiently for me to work on it. Oh, yes, I do write the fictions, but they are the quiet secret fictions that never see the light of other eyes. Then last night was Brandly's (?)birthday which was tons of fun. Kate and I got crazy on the dance floor and it's official, everyone thinks Sascha and I are the same person, as at some point in any evening someone will mistake one of us for the other. Hey, if I'm going to be confused for anyone I'm glad it's Sascha, she's hawt x 1000.
Speaking of, I normally don't talk about this stuff on the blog cos I fancy myself a feminist and this is an area of contention within the feminist discourse, but I love the fashions. I do, I love clothes. I can't help it and I spend a lot of time reading Vogue and European mags and well, you know. I thrift, yadyadya. And all my working experience outside of publishing is in retail where I slaved for a decade pushing vintage clothes to rich hipsters in various boutiques on both coasts. SO, I leave the debates to the body conscious feminists, respect their opinions and carry on in the same o'l fashion, no pun intended, until the conscious tells me not to.
I am currently really feeling Christy Turlington via 1990 and will remain there until I a wear it out.