Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meeting People is Fun

So Stacy is the best fucking neighbor a folk could have. Seriously, she brings me smokes, conversation, goss, and now Joan Jett records! Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, y so cool? How do I repay u?
Cathy and Lan and I went to Wildness last night and it was lots of fun. I took pics of things in Cathy's house i want to steal. And a pic of her gross french cat porn she brought back from Paris, she has stacks of these obscene French Cat Fancy magazines that she like, knows whats on every page. These are some cute ass weird ass cats. It takes crazee cat lady to next levels. CATHY I LOVE U!
The owner of the Silver Platter passed. :( The mood was jovial despite.
Also, I know u guys all think were bat shit crazee but I have news for u, youre all a bundle of 'i don't fucking get it.' Seriously, guys, yes i mean men- if i can be so generous- are confusing babies. The end. ps, and no men friends who read this, im not talking about any of u in particular, just, you know, in general.