Sunday, February 8, 2009

Girls Like Me

It's Raining! Boo! So I had to watch a Valley Girl montage in order to not jump off a cliff. I have seasonal bummers and don't handle the overcast very well. It's the first time since being back that i feel sort of like I did in NY during the winter, stuck inside, cold and antsy. Go away rain!

In any event, this weekend still managed to be fun. Cathy and I went to go see Mika Miko, Underground Railroad to Candyland, and Fucked Up at the Echoplex on Friday night. Vedy awesome.
The next day Paul and I laid around the house with the cats. Tres nice.
Then on Saturday I went to my first meeting in the amazing art crit/support group of talented lady artist friends. It was awesome and super fun. Everyone brought snacks and then we talked about Akina's work. Each week we crit someones work. Dancers , writers painters, video/film artists, sculptures and photographers. It was like Paris but in Lincoln Heights and instead of absinthe we ate mini tangerines and shortbread cookies and talked smack.

A lovely snail friend greeted me at Cathy's door. At least he is enjoying the rain.


a pile of random things sitting on cathy's coffee table. FOR REAL.