Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday Monday

Being at Kate's house makes me feel like this:

Seriously, after my giant brat rant of yesterday morning I dragged my grumpy butt up the hill into Mt. Washington and was greeted by the delicious smells of Kate's macrobiotic lunch and rose petal tea. Her house is seriously magical. Her office has this view that overlooks all of Highland Park and she has this style that I can only describe as 'what I imagine my mom was like in the 70's' or 'beautiful eighties art elementary school teacher who wore leather sandals'.
It makes my house feel like Pee Wee's playhouse on crack, the place is seriously m e l l o w. But in the best way imaginable. It's not even like, a whole house though, that's the thing, it's a cozy snug as a bug cottage surrounded by pepper trees and plants. It' so small! And as if that wasn't enough, so as I'm sitting there, the rain stops, the clouds part and a freakin RAINBOW appears. swear to dog.
So Kate's back n town and I'm happy about it, but now Sarah is gone and I'm a little bummed on that. Stay in on place you writing fools!
Here's also a faboo clip of Tom Waits on the David Letterman show in 1986 that makes me want Tom Waits in dirty ways.

And, last but certainly not least, Marianne in her other band Crooked Cowboy. Crooked Cowboy and On Holiday are actually the same band, let me explain, they are two separate bands, as in ideas and concepts but one is led by Marianne, the other Brawn or however he spells his name, but both bands consist of the SAME members. And it's not gimmicky or nething. I love musicians, they are such wonderful weirdos. And actually, each band consists of one member of the Antarticans, so I guess it's three bands? Happy Tuesday, you made it through Monday and I skipped school cos I'm evil Kenieval! Blogging is the ultimate in procrastination!