Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tampon in a Teacup

So this weekend was lots of fun. I got together with my lady art crit group and we took a field-trip to Irvine to critique Allison and Betsey's work. Both of which was incredible and inspiring. I'm so psyched to be in a school of thought with these women. It's really awesome.
THEN Paula and Daniel had the opening of their first ever curated show. They pulled it off with flying colors and all the artists were amazing. Jamie and Katie's art was super bright and alive and made me feel all happy inside. I'm super proud of Paul and Daniel and know big things are going to happen 4 those sexy Mo's. Jamie's band Milkmonster played and they KILLED it. Nick Lowe also performed, he was funny.
Then I skipped off to JMOCA where Lia had a piece, but when I got there the thing had blown up and turned into a massive party.
Oh Enid, don't hate me. I still love you, I still love Harvey and I'm not leaving this American Splendor or your scratchy record, love lorn nights.