Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fetishize This

The world loves to celebrate and fetishize the tortured, unstable female artist, from Francis Farmer to Sylvia Plath to Marilyn Monroe. We like our women beautiful and tragic. Edie Sedgewick, anyone?
Blegh, seriously world, come to my house, pay my rent, I'm not bad to look at and I'll scream at you if you want.
Valerie Solanis, maybe u were on to something.
ANYWAY I thought rather than join the tea party I'd throw my own. A short concise list of my favorite wackadoodle hotties.
Painting by Vincent Van Gogh, NOT David Sedaris, you pop culture noodles.
ps. I'm forever obsessed with Daniel Johnston, he's just so broken and gorgeous, well he was gorgeous. I saw him play last year and it was just dreamy.
jack off to your fave busted beat down broke apart male artist tonight or whenever to celebrate male mental instability. any genre encouraged, just no architects, those guys are geeks. Y U M M Y.